Available Technologies

Available Technologies

Bioprocessed Okara

ID: T1

Bio-processing of okara is a straightforward and natural method to improve the taste and nutrition of okara. The bioprocessed okara (“bio-okara”) can be used in a variety of high-value food products. Potential product categories include diabetic packaged foods and probiotic beverage; both attractive markets are expected to grow, especially in Asia Pacific.



Colour Laser Tag

ID: T2

The colour laser technology uses a unique multi-layer, multi-parameter methodology to create a unique signature that can easily be identified under a microscope, making the engraving non-replicable.



Artificial Intelligence for Retails Transformation

ID: T3

It aims to disrupt brick and mortar retail industry by building AI inteligence into supply chain, human resources and sales. This transforms the retailers as digitially intelligent as their online eCommerce competitors.



Secure Transmission Over Internet of Things

ID: T4

Straits offers a secure and privacy-customizable camera with end-to-end security. The camera module senses and stores the image/video in an encrypted format with authentication data for tamper detection. Further, the image/video can be transmitted using a novel compression technique that enables a unique trade-off between user privacy, video analytics, and transmission bandwidth.



Joint Interlocking Technology

ID: T5

Technology which allows connecting and locking joints via a tight-fitting interlocking mechanism. It has versatile applications in the construction space since it allows innovative methods of modular construction.



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