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Origgin’s goal is to enable the growth of exciting businesses that are ready to embark on the journey of success. Our aim is to be viewed as the “starter of dreams” by building a solid ecosystem for new entrants to the Tech start-up market, and helping them achieve success.

Through the Venture Co-Creation (VCC™) process, we create start-ups rapidly, guide them to initial success and create value for our stakeholders. Doing so allow us to create lucrative businesses from a near-inception stage, and reap the benefits of those investments in their high-growth stages.

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We are committed to realizing innovations from deep technology research towards meaningful social and corporate solutions.



We believe in innovation and adapting to different solutions. There is no fixed approach to the process of Venture Co-Creation™ – agility and flexibility are capabilities that are required to coordinate efficiently between the different needs of businesses and assessing the potential of developments in deep technology research. Each co-creation venture requires its own unique solutions and parameters for success. We believe in thinking outside-the-box and adapting to new possibilities.



We believe in persevering for long-term success. Since the process of Venture Co-Creation™ is one that requires adapting to unique and changing situations, perseverance and grit are essential in ensuring that we are dedicated to the process of always remaining flexible and optimizing the conditions for co-creation success. We believe in long-term growth and dedicating ourselves to create solutions that work for our clients and partners.



We believe in overcoming obstacles on the road towards realizing innovation success. The path towards Venture Co-Creation™ success may not be straightforward and clear-cut, and may involve running up against multiple challenges. Innovation requires overcoming a reliance on outmoded ways of doing things and practicing new approaches to problem-solving and creation. We believe in pushing past hurdles by attacking them from multiple angles enabled by new perspectives and strategies.



We believe in sustaining the innovation ecosystem and building an environment for innovation to thrive. By developing the Venture Co-Creation™ system of bringing innovation out from research institutes and universities into the market, we help build a pipeline for deep technology research to better the world more quickly and more easily. We believe in giving back and building sustainable infrastructures for social betterment.

Meet Our Team

Clarence Tan

Clarence TanFounder & Director

Lum Yi Chyi

Lum Yi ChyiVenture Creator

Joseph Teo

Joseph TeoVenture Creator

Gerald Toh

Gerald TohVenture Creator

Ng Wern Yih

Ng Wern YihChief Financial Officer

Meet Our Partners

Roger Yeo

Roger YeoPartner

James Lee

James LeePartner

Roger Liew

Roger LiewPartner

Meet Our Advisors

Hitoshi Funahasi

Hitoshi FunahasiAdvisor

Simon Sun

Simon SunAdvisor

Christopher Yeo

Christopher YeoAdvisor

Prof. William Lee

Prof. William LeeAdvisor

Tng Tai Hou

Tng Tai HouAdvisor

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