Venture Co-Creation (VCC™)

Venture Co-Creation (VCC™)

Venture Co-Creation (VCC™) is the process of creation and management of startups to address business pain points while guiding startups to initial success. It involves working together with industry partners and leading research institutes to discover new opportunities for growth by innovation.

Sharing Common Resources and Facilities

Access to Investors, IP, Specialists and Mentors

Drive Deep Tech Development to meet Business Needs

Two Approaches to Innovation


Main Challenge

Unable to find a market

VCC™ Platform bridges the gap regardless of your approach


  • Market Creation
  • Access to Enterprises
  • Access to Deep Technology
  • Accelerated Growth


Main Challenge

Unable to find a technology

Our VCC™ Approach

How VCC™ is carried out with our clients

The VCC Process

The VCC™ Journey

The VCC Journey

Giving You A Headstart

Provide funding, advice and expertise from professionals and your FIRST customer.

Yet It Does Not Stop There

As you hit milestones and scale up, Origgin helps you obtain more funding.


STT ConnectEstablished a Joint-Venture with STT called STT Connect to provide cloud computing solutions
ICMG (JAPAN)Agreement to collaborate with a top consultancy firm from Japan to bring Japanese enterprises and innovations to Singapore
EnlopThe establishment of ENLOP for the ease of engagement with our Japanese partners
A*StarUmbrella Agreement signed with A*Star for the formation of future Joint-Ventures
Venture Co-Creation PlatformDevelopment of the Origgin Venture Co-Creation Platform
NUSImplementation of Venture Co-Creation platform to spin-off several vetures
First Batch of VCC™, Archisen, Probicient, SoundEye, Mercurics, SinFooTech & Softlogic
NTUAgreement signed with NTU for the formation of future joint-ventures and spin-offs